Mostly Hunter Valley

Take care of business in the heart of wine country. Amidst lush fields and exquisite wines.

Get away from the hustle

Think quaint towns, gorgeous vineyards and rolling groves. Just two hours north of Sydney, Hunter Valley is the perfect getaway from the city’s chaos and an excellent setting for getting things done.

At Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, we’re all business, mostly. The wine country escape makes all the difference between ‘doing work’ and ‘being productive’. Run a conference next to a vineyard, power through a paddock-to-plate business lunch and respond to e-mails from our golf course. Hunter Valley, where at the end of the day, the only hard decision you’ll be making is a glass of red or a glass of white?



Where to go to eat, drink chat and network

“Produce is what we are good at, not just wine but everything that goes well with wine. Our Redsalt Restaurant produces dishes which hero the very best harvest of the region with all the convenience of being located mere steps from your room. And speaking of wines, we have a craft beer brewery and distillery on-site should that be your particular vice. Our guests are encouraged to push the boundaries of their culinary experiences – I’d even suggest holding a meeting or a tasting out in the vineyards. Being outdoors while fuelled by incredible food is sure to stir up creativity”

 – Tiffany, Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, Conference and Events Manager

Dine like a champion

Crowne Plaza’s award-winning grill house is known for fresh local produce, panoramas of the fairway and a hearty breakfast buffet. There are hot and cold dishes, juices, healthy options and eggs in every way you like. This tasteful space is good for a working lunch, but excellent for a work break. With an extensive menu that serves up corn fed chicken, grilled wagyu, and natural oysters it’s a feast at any time of day.

Follow your thirst

There’s more to Hunter Valley than wine, it seems. Filtered from the finest local streams, Lovedale Brewery serves up eight styles of beer from lagers to ales to pilsners to pales, and two ciders, many of which have been honoured with awards. You can tour the brewery next door or sit back with a cold one and watch the sun hitting the golf course. Great for informal meetings or for a bit of formal fun.

For a memorable night out

The Goldfish is perfect for lazy lunches, group dinners and late nights. The menu is designed for sharing and dishes up platters of seafood, steak and desserts. The pizza is famous; the cocktails and craft beers are legendary. The bar, the parlour or the terrace can be booked for functions, private parties and larger events. You can bond with your team, get to know some of the locals, or simply let off some steam after a hard workday.


Fuel for the brain and for the soul

“Guests don’t expect to be inspired on a business trip to the Hunter Valley so they’re often exceptionally surprised when they are.  There is a huge benefit in being situated away from a major city but on a Resort which is bursting at the seams with activity, in a region that comes alive from the moment the sun rises to the glowing of the sunset.  The Ogishi Craft Centre is a short distance from our Resort and an unassuming hub of art meets Japanese heritage. All of our local vineyards are constantly experimenting with each harvest, producing wines that are somehow able to taste even better than the last. The Hunter Valley is filled with purpose, which might differ from what our guests engage in for work, but that is precisely what invigorates them”

– Andrew, Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, Food & Beverage Supervisor

Andrew F&B

Learn new skills

A workshop, a studio, and an artist’s retreat, Ogishi Craft Centre demonstrates the skill and delicacy behind the art of glassblowing. Its eponymous owner is inspired by her Japanese heritage and by the textures of the surrounding landscape. She describes the process as a combination of music, sport, teamwork and expression. The gallery is an eclectic mix of colours and shapes. This offbeat and intriguing team exercise also offers craft workshops and glassblowing lessons.

Be a pioneer

In the 1890s, a 15-year old boy named Audrey took over the family vineyard and turned out some of the continent’s finest wines. This cellar door at the foot of the Brokenback Mountain ranges was voted by Gourmet Traveller Wine as one of the country’s best. At Audrey Wilkinson, you can choose a private tasting, a behind-the-scenes tour or a picnic among the vines. It’s an inspiring excursion for lovers of history and wine.

Escape into art

A heritage building that brings together scenic beauty, village culture and contemporary art from across the region. Maitland Regional Art Gallery is home to curious artifacts and inspired artistry. You can hire out the venue for staff events, exhibitions and workshops. Or just come along to immerse in painting, sculpture, interior design and photography.


The best places for running, working out, or sitting still

“The hotel has several ways to invigorate yourself during your time here. The in-house gym is usually the first stop for most of our guests. It has all the essential equipment you could need, particularly for resistance and weights based training. But why stay indoors when the entire Hunter region can be your gym? I like to start my day with a jog around the Resort and through to the surrounding vineyards. Our bike path makes running or cycling a breeze, something about the crisp, fresh air makes you want to push your workout harder for longer. The worst kept secret at our Resort is how much everyone loves Ubika Spa. All you really need is to sit in the waiting room and allow the soothing scents and calming music to lull you back to your happy place. The wellness staff are fantastic and deliver a mean massage, treatment or facial, if you are so inclined”

– Marc, Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, Food & Beverage Director

Marc F&B

Conquer the course

There are more than a few parallels between running a business and playing golf. You may view the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley golf course as a metaphor for challenge and strategy in business. Or you may simply enjoy the verdant hills, the solemn lakes, the surprising wildlife, and the majestic Brokenback Mountain Ranges that surrounds them all. If you’d like to improve your game, there are lessons at the academy. If you’d like to get competitive, we have weekly tournaments. Or if you’d just like to spend quality time with colleagues or clients, we can’t think of a better setting.

Recharge and reboot

A soothing sanctuary surrounded by vineyards, fairways and mountains, Ubika Spa is a welcome respite from a hectic day. Get nourished, restored and hydrated. Ubika is the Sanskrit word for ‘to grow’, and much like the neighbouring wineries, this Spa believes in planting seeds and nurturing them. These seeds of wellness take the form of body scrubs, back massages and beauty treatments. When it comes to physical, emotional or spiritual growth, things happen faster when you slow right down. If only business were the same.

Climb to the top

The best way to see the valley is from the sky. Depending on your budget and your stomach for adventure, you can take a Robinson R44 Helicopter beyond the wineries to the mountains, creeks and forests, or venture further out to the mining towns and the coast aboard a Bell Jet Ranger. The views will have you catching your breath and dropping your jaw. The tours extend to wine-tastings, picnics, brewery visits, horse rides through the bush, and mountain safaris. It’s an unforgettable ride and an outrageous way to make an entrance or an exit to your event.