Ubika Spa

Signature Vinotherapy Range

Restoration through the power of wine extracts.

Ever thought of bathing in wine? Vinotherapy  might be the next best thing as it’s a therapeutic treatment that relies on wine by-products such as grape seeds, skin and stems to rejuvenate the skin. Ubika Spa is proud to present vinotherapy as its latest bespoke offering, utilising a highly curated list of wine-based products to give you that extra glow plus all the added health benefits. After all, when in wine country, try vinotherapy.

Vinotherapy Spa Facial

A rejuvenating face treatment to deeply renew, replenish and repair.

50 minutes | $130.00
80 minutes | $195.00

Pink Champagne Sugar Smoothing Ritual

Infused with shiraz and strawberry concentrates, a deeply exfoliating spa ritual to create smooth, silky skin finished with a nourishing massage.

80 minutes | $200.00

Vinotherapy Signature Rejuvenation Ritual

Indulge with the ultimate Hunter Valley spa experience. Starting with a Pink Champagne Sugar Smoother, followed by a hot stone massage, and finishing with a Vinotherapy spa facial.

2.5 hours | $335.00

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